Just A Bit Odd.
Just A Bit Odd.  aloner stories

aloner Hi! I write garbage. You can call me C.
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I've had people tell me I was either wierd or odd... comments and likes are appreciated!

Just A Bit Odd.

by aloner

I'm a person who is different.

But then again, everyone is different.

I always wonder what ants are thinking.

If they even think.

Do trees talk when we're not around them?

I don't like numbers that end in 9.

9 is an unusual number for me.

But I do like the number 6.

But the number 6 is just an upside-down 9. So do I not like 6?

I believe in good luck and bad luck.

Sadly, I mostly get bad luck.

And why is a raven like a writing desk?

I believe you'll just have to follow a rabbit for that answer.

As you can see,

I'm just a bit odd.

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