From light to stone
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aloner Hi! I write garbage. You can call me C.
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From light to stone

by aloner

The sun would rise every day

So would a girl, full of warmth and hope

Hope in every new day she was in

Her sparkling eyes, brighter than all the jewels in the world combined

Eyes that shouted her joy

Expressing emotions like a roaring river

Energy like the rushing wind

And a smile that made flowers bloom

Danger grew

Shadows seeking to take all away

Desperately trying to drag her into darkness

She befriended them

But in the most vulnerable time...

Shadows took over her

She never plummeted into darkness

Instead, with what she had,

She vowed never to let it happen again

and turned herself into stone

Everything she had was gone

No expression, emotion, or that sparkle

If you look into her eyes

there are tears

Tears that never drop to rid of the pain

She looks like she has no feelings

But that's not true

she still has the pain left deep in her

and she doesn't want your pity

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