Ever remember?
Ever remember?  stress stories
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alonerUsing words as drawings. Just call me C.
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I've been really busy and really stressed. To help myself a bit, I just think the small happy memories when I was young. It's just a small thing to help me out and makes me feel better.

Ever remember?

by aloner

Do you ever remember a time when you were a child?

Like a magic trick was shown to you

And it just blew your mind?

How about running through grassy fields on a breezy day

And you end up with grass stains on your clothes at the end of the day

Going to the beach and building a castle

Looking at the funny birds that made a funny sound

Watching the waves crash, stretch as far as they could

Then draw back to return and try again

Looking at the shining spots in the sky

Waiting for one to shoot across

Past the bright circle

Ever remember

Those happy memories?

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