Liar Liar - I once regret
Liar Liar - I once regret lies-2018 stories

almondmilk Aesthetically trapped in my mind
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Complete work of fiction

Liar Liar - I once regret

Lies - the biggest, boldest,

Smaller, brighter.

Threatening to


Right in our faces.

The one I regret will remain tasteless.

I got pregnant.

Lied to them all.

The truth,

I was not telling it straight.

Mother and father held onto their plates.

My boyfriend cried, offered to pay.

To get rid of

Our little mistake.

500 dollars,

Is all it will take.

To tell you the truth,

I was nothing but fake.

I never was pregnant,

Not for a second.

Young little girl,

Just felt rejection.

I made up a lie.

A lie I regret.

Just to get out,

Of a life full of fret.

So now I sit,

In the airport with cash.

500 dollars,

I got away with a laugh.

Though I regret the hurt in his eyes,

When I told him,

It was nothing but lies

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