Chapter one Continued
Chapter one Continued star wars stories

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Ending of Chapter One

Chapter one Continued

Larz felt his mind drifting away from the ponderings, his mind sliding out from under him. There was an ache in his belly that was more than just the hunger pangs he'd grown accustomed to.

The Jedi had been stranded here, on his own, for so long. There was no one to confide in, or discuss the mysteries of the Sith Lord and his strange tomb with.

The solitude had turned into a crushing isolation, an imprisonment, with no guaranteed release date.

How long will I wait here, he wondered as his heavy lids shut out another exhausting day, that ended in another hungry night. Maybe, I'll die here.

Sleeping in the temple and tomb of an enemy that swore to eradicate everything I swore to protect. Probably. Idly he wondered how Masters Junto or Sie would handle this situation.

Sleep came to him before any answers did.

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