Life and Fear
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Life and Fear

by almarcus2019gm

Living life and breathing air just to get there

Living life in fear is something that many deal with, often identified as panic disorder or anxiety, and accompanied by crippling fear and depression about everything in general.

The world is narrowed down to a pin point and terror

The world of wonder that can be seen narrows down to all of the fears that live inside of us and make us fear it all, including ourselves.

We miss the beauty that's covered by constant panic.

Where others can see the beauty in the little things and exciting events, we fear what might happen next or what we might do.

When we want to take our lives back, it's a hard thing to do

As simple as it might sound, not being afraid is almost impossible, and our depression deepens into despair and self loathing.

Help point out the bright places and support us through it.

We who suffer from these things need others to help us see the bright parts of life. We need someone to understand us and tell us that they're there. Be that person. I know. I'm one of them.

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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Anxiety and panic disorder are different from fear. Fear may make sense sometimes, The anxiety disorder is an irrational excitation which has observable triggers. My eldest son has anxiety disorder but no accompanying panic disorder. I have acrophobia and I was a paratrooper with 28 combat jumps. I was terrified of looking down. I had to be pushed, but I kept coming back for more jumps. I am a basket case in glass elevators even if they are only 3 floors. I think i9t helps to do like you do. Have the courage to face the panic or phobia and do something about it.