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Idk I wrote a poem?

the beast

I had a garden inside me

and it wasn't up to you

to set it ablaze.

I was a child.

I was six,

then twelve,

then fourteen,

then sixteen.

I was a fucking child,

but never got to feel like one.

I had dreams of my own

and it wasn't up to you

to shatter them.

It wasn't up to any of you

to rip away my innocence,

my pride,

my heart,

my fucking virginity.

It's because of you

that fingerprints burn.

I have a beast inside of me

and it's not up to me

who he attacks.

Any day now,

he'll rip through.

He'll grow

and he will feed

and I cannot stop him.

And you are so damn lucky

because he too, fears you.

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