An Interruption
An Interruption  micro fiction stories

allywrites "Idk...I think I read it in a book once"
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A little piece of horror/thriller Microfiction!

An Interruption

I didn't know what to think of him now, acting this way. His hair slicked back, or was it? A few strands seemed to be stuck to his forehead, messing with his usual look.

I stood in his marble passageway; my fur coat wrapped around me. He seemed caught off guard, rushing back and forth between rooms and carrying strange objects while doing so.

He had turned out to be the most peculiar fellow. I clutched my purse between my hands, he muttered how he'd forgotten I was coming. He was still moving in-between rooms, mesmerized.

His sleeves had red stains on them, his fingers too.

I think I've interrupted something.

Buckets lay everywhere, filled with sponges and dirty water it seemed. I didn't expect him to live in a place like this, where everything is white.

So white it almost blinds you and for a few seconds when I walked through the door, I had the urge to run from the bright white of his home.

Then, his pristine marble floors began to leak as if they had been impaled. At the same time, from beneath the doors a peculiar thick red liquid began to escape, trickling its way over to me.

I suspected I'd have to throw my shoes away.

Possibly my tights, too.

He continued to fluster between rooms, not even noticing the sticky red substance beneath his feet. My eyes followed him.

His home was no longer the bright white it was, but instead a sickly red. The bucket and sponge began to float as the liquid enveloped the room.

Then he stopped still in front of me.

His face began to twist as he took big gulps of the liquid through a tiny straw.

Lifting the liquid into the air with his hands and rubbing it on his face and body, he started to hum a tune I faintly recognised.

He began to sway slightly, caressing his chest and stomach with handfuls of the fluid until his body contorted in ways I never imagined one could.

What is that tune?

The red stains on his sleeves and fingertips now engulfed his entire body. I could see now that this red liquid was a home to him, like water to a fish.

I hadn't realised I was knee deep in the liquid until he looked at me. His eyes gleamed.

I had the sudden feeling that I wanted to leave.

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