Lost In My Own Idiocy
Lost In My Own Idiocy  stories
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allyntineCommunity member
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Lost and confused when your only company is a stranger

Lost In My Own Idiocy

Spinning deep into a hazy maze

Grasping for thoughts long gone

Smiling but I’m not sure why

Lights flicker through closed eyes

My skin lights up a brilliant blue

Weights on my chest make my back lie flat

Someone’s hands draw circles in my hair

Not sure who walks here but I’m not in fear

I think my thoughts are mine, but I can’t remember

A strangers breath hits my ear

My heart beats fast in a panicked flutter

My eyelashes lift for a second longer

The next second I forget why I cared

All I want is someone to chase away my dreams

And leave me lying here with a smile on my lips and a set of tears

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