A Mother's Cry Can't Wake The Dead
A Mother's Cry Can't Wake The Dead poems stories

allyntine Community member
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A look at suicide.
I would really appreciate some feedback.

A Mother's Cry Can't Wake The Dead

One drop slides down a broken wrist

Tiny circles hitting white polished floors

Lips part betraying grim satisfaction

And eyes lift slowly from the floor

Counting out the lines, pain releases

Free from troubles and worries a moment more

One pinpoint then two then three

Fire creeps up through her pores

Toiled breath rises from a broken chest

A tear slides into dry chapped lips

Long dark eyelashes close once more

As her body slips slowly to the floor

Heart beats slow and haziness arrives

Golden light touches the sky

Lamp lights flicker with one final glow

Screams cry out as she goes

Then a gentle pounding against her chest

Causing eyes to open against all odds

Her hands twitch towards what they want

While a wish is whispered in her ear

Once a prayer to a God that no one knows

But now final attempt to save her soul

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