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allygatorxx A perfect disaster.
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You called me a coward and stomped away without feeling remorse. You told me that our love wasn't worth the pain, but I thought it was. I thought we could work out our differences, but you didn't. I suppose opposites attract, but I never expected us to repel each other. You were Oliver Myers and I was Evelyn Ames, though I'm not sure who we are anymore.

Who We Are

by allygatorxx

I loved you, even in the scalding heat of summer.

You loved me, even in the chilling winds of winter.

Our love was like a pair of chopsticks- hard to hold onto and hard to understand.

Somehow, though, we clung to each other as if there wasn't another soul in the world.

I'd wake up each morning and there you were. Smiling and grinning like a fool, you'd excitedly tuck a daisy behind my ear. I thought it was cute.

We'd climb cliffs and go hiking together, but you were the monkey out of the two of us. You used to sit at the edge of a cliff and gaze down into the canyons.

Sometimes I felt like I was the one looking down into the canyons, though. Like I was staring into an abyss.

I tried to hold onto you. I did.

But the sun rose and fell and day after day we grew further apart.

You turned to alcohol and tobacco. You even offered me a smoke once or twice. I declined, of course. I didn't understand why you were growing so distant.

I know now. I know why you spun on your heel so abruptly and left me in that abyss of darkness.

Opposites attract. We'd thought we were different, but we weren't. We were just the same.

And, I suppose, we repelled each other, like a pair of magnets.

We were both selfish, horrid, cowards. You'd never admit it, but I would. I am. I am no more than a coward.

We continued to bicker and argue as we traveled that long, long road that only led us deeper into the darkness.

You continued to smoke.

I continued to cough as the smoke engulfed my lungs.

What had happened to us? Our love in the summer and winter and spring and fall?

Our love was gone. Nonexistent. But I wondered, I did, if it was ever there?

I don't miss you. I thought I did, but I don't, Oliver Myers.

Do you still go by Oliver? I'm not sure who you are anymore.

I'm not sure who we are anymore.

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