Poisoning A Magical World ⭐️ Chapter 1

Poisoning A Magical World ⭐️

Chapter 1

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alluringmystery lost in the pages of a romance novel....
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This is the story of a lone surviving human in a world filled with supernatural creatures, a world that was once called home to the Human race. Earth is now a world for mythical creatures to roam, bribe, and show up, one another at hosted events.

After being captured by the Vampire King, Annalise Indigo must find a way to survive in a world where she is a rare breed of prey. What talents can a young woman like her offer to a world-filled with royal heartthrobs? Who can a mere human depend on in her final hour? The brooding Vampire, or the short-tempered Wolf? What about the charming Elf, or the Mysterious mage?

This is a story of promise, everlasting love, royal scandals, and deceit.

Welcome to the Beast World where forbidden magic and scheming rivals collide.

*Chapter 1 of the series*

Poisoning A Magical World ⭐️ Chapter 1

WARNING: Do not read if you are triggered by reluctant sexual themes, forceful themes, coercion, and non-consent themes. Violence, tyranny, narcissism, and blackmailing is a common theme throughout this story, please do not read if any of these things will trigger you. Genre: Adult Fantasy Romance

Chapter One: The Worst Betrayal By: Me( Alluring Mystery) ⭐️

I can't believe this is happening, I can't believe the hatred I see gleaming in my best friend's eyes. A murderous rage that has finally been unleashed. I try to breathe but my best friend's fingers tighten around my neck, it causes my throat to burn and clench involuntarily.

“H-how can you...do this,” I choke out. My best friend sits on top of my weak struggling body and frowns as my eyes begin to twitch from fear and a lack of oxygen.

I scratch at my best friend's arm until they bleed and pierce into her skin's meat, but my best friend is determined to kill me.

“It’s because I hate you,” growls my best friend. My eyes widen. "P-p-please K-Kylie!!" I spit out with a barely audible and scratchy voice.

Kylie slaps me with one hand before going back to choking me. “I’ve always hated you!" she screams like a deranged psycho. "All you've ever done is get in my way! You bitch! Always there with your stupid judgmental face! Always thinking you're better than me! I hate you! I hate you! Don't you dare look down on me!”

I feel my heart breaking into a million pieces. Is this how my best friend has always felt about me? Kylie switches between choking me and slapping me as she monologues about how much she's suffered in our friendship.

I feel anger flaring up inside me. Kylie thinks she is the only one who has suffered?! “Give me a break!” I scowl at her. "You backstabbing....evil," I say in between painful breaths. "Kylie...I always trusted you...I always wanted what was best for you..." I can't finish speaking because of how painful everything is.

Kylie hesitates for a moment, but then spits at me, and hisses vehemently. "You, you shut your fucking mouth!"

Tears pool from my eyes as my best friend Kylie begins to recount all the times she's thought about this very moment over the years. Apparently, she had been going through a lot in her personal life and I hadn't noticed. But how could I know that fate had cursed her so badly.

I recount the time the two of us meant in seventh grade. I stare into Kylie's eyes praying that she has a change of heart but no, she continues to glare back at me without an ounce of sympathy.

As everything goes black I can hear a few familiar voices calling out to me from outside my bedroom door.

My brother Nate is trying to reach me as he bangs viciously on my locked bedroom door. I can also hear my parents and my mother screaming for me on the other side of the door, but Kylie has completely lost it, she cannot hear or comprehend anything but the idea of murder right now.

Help me! I plead inside my head to my family.

The door to my room is kicked open but it is too late. I blink lazily one final time and drift off into darkness feeling weak and miserable. The last thing I can comprehend is my bedroom door being kicked open, and my best friend Kylie being tackled off of me.

“You bitch!” Nate screams. “I’ll kill you for what you’ve done to my sister!” My mother cries in the background as my father phones the police with a grave expression on his face. A tragedy has just struck my beloved family.

An Interlude Hey guys the pen names Alluring Mystery and I’m new to commaful but I already love it! I’ve binged read a few stories and now I’m ready to post my own. Let me know what you guys think of chapter one. There is more to go after this brief interlude so I’ll see you then! 😁

On May 24, nineteen-year-old Annalise Indigo, was strangled to death by her best friend Kylie Stanford, and no one could figure out why.

As the Indigo family grieves over their precious daughter, their fall out with the Stanford family inevitably ensues.

Due to Kylie's actions both her family and the Indigo family will feel haunted by her evil deeds for years to come.

In the aftermath, Kylie lost everything. She lost her life, her love, her best friend, her parent's love, and ultimately her social standing which she valued more than anything else.

Kylie, however, believes she has succeeded at one thing….her former best friend Annalise, will never be happy. Kylie who has spent her whole life wishing for a family and a life that can compete against Annalise’s has finally gotten her wish to come true.

Kylie could not become her best friend, or have a loving supportive family-like her best friend, or be as happy as her best friend, so she took everything away from her. Now neither one of them has a good life. Not her, and not Annalise, the cheeky extra-ordinary girl she always wished to be like most.

A year later Kylie Stanford is sentenced to 55 years in prison with no chance of parole. Now, thirty-one, Kylie has never shown remorse for the murder of Annalise Indigo.

Somewhere without time.

I'm dead, I think sadly. I don’t bother trying to escape the despair. The betrayal of my best friend and how much could have been different if only the both of us had just been more forthcoming. I never wanted to admit it, but my friendship had ended long ago, but the both of us were still holding on, or so I thought.

Kylie had checked out long ago, and her plan was clearly to destroy my life the way she felt hers had been destroyed.

I feel tears pool from my eyes as I realize how both of our lives were cut short.

I am only nineteen years old...or at least I was, and now my life is over just like that, and so is Kylie's. She will never escape the charges my family will have against her, or how much disgrace she will bring to her own family name. Kylie will lose everything, and she only has herself to blame.

I nod feeling a little at peace with this sort of justice. I feel my eyes close as my heart tightens and my chest feels like it will implode on itself.

I float through darkness feeling out of sorts. I have no concept of time here but I am sure it must have been a few hours since my death, but there's no way to know for sure.

I find myself feeling like a black hole has just opened inside my heart. I feel nothing even though I know I’ve just died by my own best friend's hand. It is like the true realization of it all will make everything fall apart, including me.

Maybe if I really allow myself to feel the depths to which I have fallen I’d cease to exist, or worse, not feel anything about my death at all. What looks like stars twinkle all around me giving the black backdrop a soothing glow and atmosphere.

How have things come to this? I think sadly.

Just then a bright light in the distance flashes causing me to jerk violently, but I don't fall, I continue to float harmlessly in this space-time continuum. I feel the crushing weight of despair and scream as loud as I can, and my voice echoes back at me before everything goes silent.

“Mother.. father.. brother.... please live well, stay happy, and always remember me!!” I scream feeling like I’d go crazy at any second staring at the same unchanging scenery. "Am I alive?" I ask aloud. "Why am I even here... and worse...why am I all alone?"

There is another flash of white light from all around me and my head suddenly feels like it will explode into a mushy, pulpy mess.

The pain is unbearable and the light gives me a splitting headache. I hear the clasp of thunder and blink nervously.

When I open my eyes I gasp and can't believe what I see. In the blink of an eye, somehow I am now hurtling through space or time like a ballistic capsule. My hair and arms whip behind me as I am blasted forward by some gravitational pull that I can't see.

My jaw drops, and for some reason, I realize if I am dead I'm lucky to still have the form of my nineteen-year-old self.

As I’m pulled through space images of my old life replay all around me like a floating movie screen. Could it actually be that I’m stuck somewhere in the darkness of the universe? As I wonder about my fate more images and moving scenes fill the dark sky with my previously lived life.

I watch with bitter nostalgia as I look over my birth, my first day of school, and my first heartbreak. I see the first day of middle school where I meet Kylie and her clear youthful eyes meet mine. Fast forward to my high school years and teenage rebellion phase together. It's all too much for me, and I start to sob as I hurl through space faster and faster.

I wail with frustration. "Not exactly a life well-lived," I cry bitterly.

All the images and moving scenes stop suddenly as I wipe away my tears, while still being dragged through space like a weightless object. My eyes widen in fear as I suddenly notice I’m being pulled towards a bright light that I am approaching fast, and before I can realize what is happening everything goes pitch black for the final time.

I am officially dead...or so I believe.

A/N: Welcome to my first story on here! This story will have a lot of dark themes but I can't help but add comedy where I can. I hope you like it. Things will probably go from super sad to happy to tragic but such is life. Sometimes we're happy and other times we're crying in a corner while eating ice cream and contemplating the meaning of life.

PS: I Do Not Own Any of the photos I post, but this is MY story. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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