Poisoning A Magical World ⭐️ Chapter 3. Part 1
Poisoning A Magical World ⭐️

Chapter 3. Part 1 magicalworld stories

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Annalise wakes up to a beautiful sight, but are her eyes deceiving her and where is the Vampire King?!

Poisoning A Magical World ⭐️ Chapter 3. Part 1

WARNING: Do not read if you are triggered by reluctant sexual themes, forceful themes, coercion, and non-consent themes. Violence, tyranny, narcissism, and blackmailing is a common theme throughout this story, please do not read if any of these things will trigger you. Genre: Adult Fantasy Romance

Chapter 3: The Vampire King Part 1 ⭐️ By: (Me) Alluring Star

My eyes flutter open and my senses are overwhelmed with the beauty and delicate fragrances emanating from all around me.

"What a lovely smell" I murmur as I sit up upon a super soft and plush mattress. My eyes widen as I look around the huge white room, and the huge white pillows surrounding me.

Three unsuspecting maids stare at me in shock, frozen where they stand around the spacious room. One maid smiles awkwardly at me, in the process of opening all the bedroom curtains, while a second maid dusts off the white dressers around the room.

Expensive furniture fills the room including the queen-sized bed with a silk curtain to give me privacy if necessary. I can barely believe I am allowed to sleep on such an exquisitely comfortable bed.

The third maid is standing near the bed I’m on with a tray of food and drinks ready to be served.

"W-what is all of this?" I ask in disbelief. I wonder if these girls are human but I notice they're all too close to perfection to be real. Just like that Vampire King and that young boy named Goemon.

These women all have glass-like skin and sharp teeth when they smile, so sharp I flinch at the idea of them piercing into my skin. I shudder and bite my lower lip in frustration as the third maid walks over to me and sets up a breakfast tray near the bed.

Although this Vampire looks like an African American woman there is an inhuman and flawless glow to her skin and a bizarre sharpness to her facial bone structure.

The vampires here are more perfect aesthetically than humans in every way, even a servant girl looks like a movie star. I frown, did this woman even recognize her own beauty, or was she considered plain in this world?

I gasp. Is my look considered horrid then?

Even the common woman here looks like an undiscovered runway model in this strange land. What chance do I have in the beauty department here if the beauty standards are astronomically higher in this new world than it was in my old world?

I frown, there is no way I can compete in a world filled with supernatural and flawless beings. I think back to the Vampire King and blush a soft shade of red. He is really handsome, I think.

I remember his snow-colored skin, vastly different from my own melanated skin. Then there was his black waist-length hair, his silver-colored eyes, and his breathtaking white smile.

“Coffee or tea?” asks the African American maid suddenly, dragging me back from my trivial thoughts. “U-um...tea please,” I say shyly.

The maid smiles and pours me a freshly steeped glass of Jasmine tea. I notice the beautiful pink rose shaped glass she pours my tea into and try not to ogle the fancy silverware.

“Welcome to the Vampire Kingdom of Nightcore! My name is Valencia, and I’ll be your temporary handmaiden while you are here,” says the maid. She turns towards the other two maids and nods her head towards the door to dismiss them.

The two maids turn to bow at me nervously yet respectfully and then leave the room.

"Give it to me straight,'' I say, ignoring the tea she offers me. I push the glass away with my hand and the maid takes a step back as if frightened to be touched by me.

"S-sorry!" she says, bowing uneasily. "P-prince Goemon told us to stay as far away from you as we can while also attending to your needs."

"Prince Goemon?" I say. "The kid from earlier....no way! He's a prince?!... The Vampire King has a son?!?" The maid nods hesitantly. "It's a long and taboo story...we aren't allowed to discuss it."

I can’t say I’m too shocked... a man as mesmerizing as the Vampire King likely has a Queen as befitting as himself to birth an heir like Goemon.

I shrug it off, at least I know with a wife the Vampire King is less likely to harbor any sinister or perverted motives for bringing me back to his Kingdom.

Valencia steps closer to the luxurious fluffy bed I’m currently laying on and stretches out her slender brown arm. Her hand elegantly holds out my teacup on top of a matching glass holder. "Your tea,” she says.

I accept the tea this time and wonder what to say now. I have so many questions and yet, this woman seems as clueless and afraid of me, as I am of her.

"Can I at least ask you one important question?" I say. "It's really important to me that I know that I'm not dead."

Valencia's black eyes widen in disbelief. "Dead?" she says humorously.

"Why would you be dead? I mean you're here talking to me right now and you certainly look alive. If you're dead then what does that make all the vampires here in the Palace? You're the most alive amongst us all.”

I burst into laughter and Valencia can't help but join me. "You're funny!" Valencia says. "I'm sorry!" I say in between fits of giggles. "I just really thought I died and woke up in a world filled with monsters for a moment."

Valencia immediately stops laughing and stares at me with an unreadable expression. "Is that how you got here?' she asks softly. “Did you die in another world and wake up here...?”

I nod at her nervously. Why is she so serious all of a sudden? I think. I better be on my guard!

A/N: I plucked a tarot card today while sitting outside in the beautiful sun in my backyard and smiled. The card I plucked was guidance and I think we can all use a bit more inner guidance in our lives. ⭐️🙏

A/N: We often seek guidance because we don’t trust ourselves to make the right choice. We should trust our inner voice more. ⭐️💜 Until the next chapter...like and comment .

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