Poisoning A Magical World ⭐️ Chapter 2. Part 1
Poisoning A Magical World ⭐️

Chapter 2. Part 1 romance stories

alluringmystery lost in the pages of a romance novel....
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Annalise adventures are just beginnings in this weird twist of fate. What happens when she wakes up in a whole new world?!

*This is Chapter 2 Part 1 of the series!*

This is the story of a lone surviving human in a world filled with supernatural creatures, a world that was once called home to the Human race. Earth is now a world for mythical creatures to roam, bribe, and show up, one another at hosted events.

After being captured by the Vampire King, Annalise Indigo must find a way to survive in a world where she is a rare breed of prey. What talents can a young woman like her offer to a world-filled with royal heartthrobs? Who can a mere human depend on in her final hour? The brooding Vampire, or the short-tempered Wolf? What about the charming Elf, or the Mysterious mage?

This is a story of promise, everlasting love, royal scandals, and deceit.

Welcome to the Beast World where forbidden magic and scheming rivals collide.

Poisoning A Magical World ⭐️ Chapter 2. Part 1

WARNING: Do not read if you are triggered by reluctant sexual themes, forceful themes, coercion, and non-consent themes. Violence, tyranny, narcissism, and blackmailing is a common theme throughout this story, please do not read if any of these things will trigger you. Genre: Adult Fantasy Romance

Chapter 2: A New World Part 1 By: Me (Alluring Mystery) ⭐️

"What was that...a dream?" I say rubbing my head.

I squeal realizing how cold I am and notice I’m in the middle of a creepy forest during a snowstorm. Frosted trees loom over my small and frail body but I can't help but feel grateful that I am still alive.

Beautiful white snowflakes float past me towards the ground beneath my bare knees. My eyes widen. In fact, I’m in the nude, and it's freezing!

"What in the world…?" I gasp seeing smoke escape from my lips. I wrap my small arms around myself and look around frantically. "S-so c-c-cold!" I huff. "Where the heck am I?!"

I try to stand but collapse under my own weight, it feels like I haven't eaten in ages. "I don't want to die again..." I whisper sadly. "This is too much! I don't want to be here! I want to go home!!"

The trees surrounding me ruffle violently as I scream from fright. Dozens of blackbirds take to the sky overhead and leave me to my misery. The forest falls silent again and For a moment I am stunned until I remember how I’ve literally just died and been resurrected!

I look around as my body shakes violently in the snow. Part of me believes I’m dreaming while another part prays that I’ve hallucinated the past few hours of my life.

My eyes widen. Has it been a few hours, I vaguely remember floating in some sort of dark void but everything feels hazy, maybe because I’m starving!

"Ugh...I'm alive.." I groan bitterly, feeling a thudding pain in my temples. “But not for long if I stay here. God this sucks so much!!!" I thrash around in the snow, blinded by fury and pain for all I’ve endured.

Just then I hear movement nearby the surrounding trees and the sounds of snapping branches. I gasp and want to slap myself for screaming so loud just then.

"I think I heard something over here," I hear a melodic deep voice say. "Let's check it out before heading back to the Palace." "Y-yes your majesty!" I hear another, much younger man respond.

I hear the sound of over a dozen footsteps crunching over the snow. Fear overtakes me and without realizing it, I start sobbing loudly and involuntarily.

Have I lost my mind? I wonder.

Tears fall down my face like a stream as I scream out for my family. “Bring them back!” I scream like a madwoman shivering in the snow.

A group of men, now running burst through the tree line into a clearing where I lay pitifully. I flush red all over, my face, my body, and even my ears.

So many men! I think in horror. They all stumbled upon my naked self, crying pathetically in the snow. I cringe and fight the humongous urge to bite off my own tongue. Naked, afraid, and all alone with a group of strange men….

Will this nightmare ever end! I scream internally. I shiver and feel my head start to spin from an oncoming fever. “This isn’t real,” I mumble.

“What is this?” asks the melodic and deep voice from earlier.

I barely gather the strength to look up and meet the speaker's eyes, but when I do look up my breathing stops. Standing over me is the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.

His skin is as clear and radiant as the snow, and his broad shoulders expand outward casting a shadow over my frail body, trembling on the frozen ground.

“What is a pretty girl like her doing in a place like this?” asks the man with a smile, revealing sharp white teeth.

I gawk at the canine-like fangs in his mouth. The man has long silky, black hair that he lets flow down his back freely, and his eyes are as clear as the moon, they almost look transparent.

A small group of men stand back a few feet away from the two of us and stare in disbelief. They raise their noses in the air one after another and inhale in my direction.

Even the handsome fellow standing in front of me leans over slightly to sniff my hair. I cringe pulling my legs into my chest and wrapping my arms around myself.

“This is it!” I think. “Not only did I die in my dream, but I was also revived in a world where the men look like Vampires and they find me, a weak girl naked and ready to be eaten to death! It's official, God has no mercy for foolish girls!”

I allow my tears and snot to run down my face without a care in the world to how you must look to these buffly built men. ”I have the worst luck!” I cry.

The men seem to waver at my outburst and look away in various directions to avoid witnessing my mental breakdown.

“Y-your Majesty!” A frantic boy around the age of fifteen or so rushes forward. The first thing I notice about him is the black string eyepatch covering his left eye.

“That's definitely a human!” he says. The boy has short black hair with messy split ends. He has a red scarf wrapped around his neck and a black fur coat. He is also shorter than all of the other men, standing in front of all the other men on his own.

All the surrounding men start to shout in retaliation. They turn all their attention back on me unwilling to give the young man all the credit. “Yes, that's definitely a human!” someone shouts.

“Despite being extinct,” another boasts. “I’ll know a human when I see one!” “Impossible...” someone else mutters.

The fifteen-year-old boy rolls his eyes at the group of men who are supposed to be his seniors and walks to go stand a few feet behind me and their handsome leader.

“I know what she is,” says their Leader arrogantly. “We can all see her and we can all smell her.” I gulp, feeling my body start to perspire in fear despite the freezing weather. If these men do not kill me hypothermia will!

I glare at them in disgust and wish for everything I’ve been through to be over. Being strangled to death by my best friend has been enough of a tragedy to last lifetimes.

The men continue to ogle me from my head down to my toes causing me to tremble and look away. Are these men going to eat me, I think. Or worse...rape me?!

A/N: A partial chapter this time. For the rest of the story it makes more sense to split up the chapters as they get realllllyyy long and tedious to upload one slide at a time.

A/N: I’m happy with how the story is coming along and I even left this partial chapter on a cliff hanger by accident. Welp are you nervous for Chapter 2 Part 2? Lol I’ll see you in the next chapter...hopefully 😅 I’ll post as often as I can. Like and comment to show support ☺️

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