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alltheloveps An avid thinker
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A story: half real and half fantasy

Name unsaid

The first night I layed eyes on you

I knew, I hadn't felt so great since the last dew.

We spoke of unspoken tales of ours

Without realizing we had spent a whole of 16 hours.

16 hours, talking to a stranger was this introvert's new record

Under the moonlit sky, high on rolled grass, you looked so alluring, oh lord!

If I knew I would've kissed thy lips

Sucking on the skin of it while you'd hold my hips.

But that time is foregone

Now you only exist in my thoughts like a graceful swan.

For we were two strangers in search for an erotic act

Instead we found each other and made a pact.

To look too deep into other's soul

To understand sorrow and fill other's hole.

We were first only two bodies made of flesh

But after the dance of greet we were left two unique souls mutually meshed.

Now I sometimes remember the sky

Imagine your face and understand why.

Why we do not know each other's names

And why did we ever play that nasty game.

Because stars were afraid our love might outshine them

And the envious universe that displayed condemn.

So, whenever we see each other and if we do

"Let us live the romance", pray to lord, beloved you.


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