feel it in my veins
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allsadnshit Community member
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this is simply a piece of writing, and not meant to be taken seriously

feel it in my veins

as the music fills my ears the anger fills my heart

I'm tired of being overlooked

sick of being the underdog and the outcast

the music gets louder, and in my head, so do the screams

I can see their terrified faces and the scariest thought yet fills my mind

I like it

I smile

I feel powerful

racing to the bathroom, I've made myself sick

I reach frantically into my bag, searching for the items to help me serve my penance

dragging the blade across my arm I watch as the veins become more and more prominent

I'm different

I'm bad

I'm evil

destined to hurt

it's in my veins as much as the blood soiling the cold floor

ill never hurt anyone ever again


everything is going fuzzy in the best way

I've proved myself

I don't even bother to scream when the darkness comes to take me away

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