Deaf Bakugou Part 2
Deaf Bakugou Part 2  bnha stories

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eeks dee

By: Me OwO

Deaf Bakugou Part 2

by Me OwO


Xin shiiShi mari.


Shinsou likes skirts.

Yes, they are a 'girl.' Well, female.

He understands that girls, aka females, are told to always wear skirts.

He doesn't like that.

Neither does he care about being a girl. She likes being a boy too. He likes being non-binary, too. Same with, again, being a boy.

Doesn't matter what he is, call him whatever, as long as it's not "it" he's fine.

Too bad everyone to ever exists sucks.

"It" this. "It" that. "It", "It", "It."

Hah. Hah. Funny joke.

"What are you wearing?"

Oh, wow, an idiot.

"An outfit."

"A skirt with sweatpants? That looks stupid."

"Oh, so, I shouldn't wear what I want?"

"No, fuckface, I'm just saying if you want to wear a fucking skirt, try to look decent."

That's new...

"What's your name again?"

"Bakugou... wait I never fucking said-"

"Shinsou. Shinsou Hitoshi."

This guy seems interesting.


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