Bakugou and Monoma Chpt 3
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Bakugou drooling over his love interest (chapter 3 to the story! Thanks for all the likes from the last post)


Bakugou and Monoma Chpt 3

The weekend was over, with nothing really special happening. It was the day that Monoma would come back from his surgery.

Even though it wasn't even Bakugou's surgery, he was excited! Although, he obviously didn't show it. What surprised Bakugou was when Aizawa announced that they will be training with Class 1-B.

He hated that class, they were always challenging him, trying to get him mad. He could only tolerate Monoma, who had a certain something to his personality.

As he walked with the rest of 1-A to the training grounds, he started thinking. How is Monoma going to train after getting surgery? He would obviously be in pain, even after 2 days of rest.

Plus, chest surgery is a whole new step into being trans. Bakugou wouldn't know, however, he's a DemiMale. He doesn't have dysphoria, he just doesn't feel only male.

He doesn't mind being himself, so he can't understand someone who doesn't feel like them in their body. He does know, however, that Monoma would have to get used to how he is.

He should have just stayed in the hospital today. He needs those extra 2 days. Bakugou's thoughts are cut short once they get to Ground Gamma.

Out of the crowd of lame Class 1-B bastards, he sees Monoma. He's extremely quiet, not like himself at all. He is clutching his stomach, as if he is in pain, causing Bakugou to worry.

He walked towards Monoma, trying not to show his concern. "Hey, nerd, are you okay?" "H-Hm? Oh, I'm fine.. I guess. I just don't wanna talk right now." He walked away, towards the teachers.

I'll ask him after... Bakugou thought.


Ground Gamma training went well. He and his team (Jirou, Satou, and Sero) won their match with a perfect score.

Bakugou was a bit disappointed when Monoma's team lost, especially after Deku's shitty screw up. (He asked All Might and Deku about the One for All shit later.

) He had gotten back to the dorms when he remembered to ask Monoma what was up with him today. Okay, keep it "cool" or whatever. Don't want him thinking I like him or some shit.

(A/N he totally likes him and some shit.) Bakugou opens his phone and texts Monoma.


B: Hey, idiot, are you okay?


M: Not really..

B: What's fucking wrong?

M: I didn't get my surgery.

B: Why? I thought you wanted it

M: I FUCKING DO. My shitty parents said they wouldn't waste their money on my surgery because "you changing your body permanently for a PHASE is outrageous."

B: oh

"oh"??? Bakugou felt so embarrassed by what he said. He sounded so stupid.

M: yeah. So, now I gotta wait until after I graduate to get the surgery

B: You sure you can wait?

M: Been waiting so far, what's a few extra years?

B: Mm

M: I have to go Kat, see you

B: Kat?

M: hm?

B: you never called me that before..

M: OH shit, sorry. Meant Bakugou.

B: It's fine, idc what you call me. As long as it isn't shitty and stupid.

M: Oh, okay. Then, give me a nickname too

B: why??

M: To show we are friends! I think friends do that, anyway. Never had friends before U.A

B: I make insults for nicknames

M: Then insult me??

"Insult him?" Bakugou said out loud to himself. He was now in his room, laying in his bed, all his shit on the floor.

What do I even insult?? The more Bakugou thought, the harder it was for him to find something about Monoma to insult. He thought he was perfect the way he was...

B: I guess - idk - "Peony?"

M: That's a cute name tho, dude.


M: How about I call you Sunny-Kun then? Since we are doing actual nicknames now.

B: mm sure ig

M: Seriously gtg, Tetsu is yelling at me

M: See ya Sunny-Kun

B: Bye Peony


Bakugou was internally screaming. Sunny... Monoma fucking nicknamed him.

Before he got to full of himself, he blasted the wall leading to Shouji's room, since the walls are thick enough not to be damaged. Just focus on your fucking shitty-ass homework, dumbass.

Oh god he was getting flustered again. Maybe he should lie down-lie down, his face was already as red as a rose. He sighed, (not dreamily at all), and grabbed his textbooks.

Monoma better watch his ass tomorrow, I'm not going easy on him during training. Just thinking about it made Bakugou's heart flutter in a way he never felt before.

Fuck, it sure was a weird feeling.

[END of Chapter 3]

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