Bakugou and Monoma Chpt 2
Bakugou and Monoma Chpt 2 bnha stories

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Monoma and Bakugou being big gays


Bakugou and Monoma Chpt 2

FuckFuckFuck what the fuck was Monoma thinking??

Monoma was walking home, after telling his homeroom teacher, Blood King, that he was getting surgery.

He was going over the events of the day and, everytime, he thought of how he made a complete fool of himself in front of Bakugou.

For one thing, he forgot that he could see him Bakugou in the cafeteria that day (dumbass).

He had also not seemed like himself in front of Kendou, which ticked him off after since she kept asking him questions after the Bakugou encounter.

He didn't understand why he felt so weird in front of Bakugou today. He was usually perfectly fine, sarcastic, and (according to Bakugou) snarky in front of the other.

He guessed it was different because he was scared of what Bakugou thought of his... surgery...

"I shouldn't be nervous! Bakugou was okay with it! Stop worrying Monoma!" He said out loud to himself, as he opened his phone to text Katsuki.


M: I'm going to the hospital. Wish me luck if ya want!

B: Sure. I hope it goes well.

M: You okay?? You have been really nice all day. Even when we saw each other today irl

B: What ya mean nerd??

M: Your insults aren't as... bad?? sadness inducing?? Idk, just, I don't feel like my "friend" has betrayed me today.

B: You feel like that when I text/talk to you-?

M: I guess??

B: Sorry I guess

M: SEE? You're acting all nice!


M: Jeez, fine. I'll see you on Monday! Might be super tired or whatever cus I'm SUPPOSED to stay there for 4 days after surgery.

B: Then why not do that??

M: cus school

B: You damn nerd haha

B: See you

M: Bi

B: aka, what you are. Anyway yeah. bye


Bakugou was in his room, after he had texted Monoma "bye." He didn't like what Monoma said about him. He was acting nice Monoma had said. UGH HE WAS SO STUPID. Now was not the time for a...

crush?? A literal hour before Monoma's operation, a horrible time to screw up. Whatever, he thought. He was Bakugou Katsuki, if he screwed up, the only one who knew would be himself only.

Well, he hoped that at least.

Monoma was smart, Bakugou had to admit that. Hopefully Bakugou threw Monoma for a loop.

"Would hate for him to figure out what's 'wrong' with me, eh?" Bakugou thought before laying down on his bed, after a long day.

[End of Chapter 2]

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