The Boy in the mirror
The Boy in the mirror stories
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alliwantisahug Community member
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A little bit of a story to my insecurities

The Boy in the mirror

I look into the mirror and I ask myself who is he?

Why does he look so happy? He looks like me,

but I'm dying inside. I have no more hope.

I live each day wanting to die.

I feel so unloved and useless.

How can anyone love a useless soul like mine?

Lonely for day's, hour's, months, even year's.

I often ask myself how does one love?

The only thing I know is self-hatred.

What does love even feel like?

When I look at my heart all I see is..

a black heart that's been untouched..

capable of so much love but,

no one would ever give a useless soul a chance.

I'm jealous of that bot in the mirror whoever he is.

He looks so happy, he has a beautiful smile that...

lights up the whole room, but when I smile it's not true.

It's just a lie. I tell myself so many lies like...

You'll be okay, You're safe, and it will be better.

So to you Mr. Boy in the mirror, Goodbye </3

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