Where The Bad Ones Go
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allison17 I believe all writers are somewhat mad.
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All you bad ones, gather around. Don't smile, don't laugh, don't make a sound.

Where The Bad Ones Go

by allison17

Lend your eyes and ears boys and girls because I'm going to tell you a tale ...

And it's not about the calm ocean and a ship setting sail.

It's about the bad ones

The whiners, and cryers, and the teasers..

So all you bad ones listen closely, empty your thoughts and let my words soak into your brain.

And at the end we'll see which one of you bad ones decide to stay the same.

When you think your alone, when you think no one sees you steal that delicious peice of chocolate...

That is stage one of your fate...I see everything

I see past your innocent smiles, your false naiveness.

I hear those lies you let slither past your pink toungues

And let me tell you a locked closet is never good for your lungs.

And then you ask me to skip to the point...where do the bad ones go?

The monsters under your bed know, the shadow people who creep through the dark know..the ones past the gone know.

The bad ones go to a very special place, locked away, restricted from escaping their place of prison.

Forever alone, forever stuck being bad and punished.

Chained down to the rotton soil of the land of the lost and forgotton.

Now don't look so frightened my children, that will only happen if you are to stay bad.

Now Jonas, Lily, Cameron, and Penelope why don't you apologize to the grave of that boy you pushed off the bridge last year.

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