Stamp Your Blood
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allison17I believe all writers are somewhat mad.
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Let's dance through the shadows and forget the devil is watching.

Stamp Your Blood

by allison17

Come as close as you want my dear.

Stare as deeply as you want into my eyes.

Let the shivers of discomfort creep down your spine, while I tell you I am real.

Make no sound as I tear you apart, peice by peice.

Give your soul to me, and swear you won't ever give it back.

Stamp your blood on the oath you signed.

Feel what power truly is while your alive

Let the mortals bow to your feet, and in the end you shall bow to mine.

Your time is up, oh my sweet darling come with me through the dark shadows of my children, and the bones where we dine.

No place to run, no where to hide, let the fear be your guide...

Into the nightmares that lust for you, into the fire that screams for you

You are home now my dear, you have done well to pay your dues...

And so your eternity will forever be in the flames,

And your soul oh so close, yet so very far, putting you in unbearable pain.

And so let this be a reminder to never sell your soul...

To a person whose heart is darker than coal.

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