Paranoid Nightmare
Paranoid Nightmare halloween stories

allison17 I believe all writers are somewhat mad.
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Paranoid Nightmare

by allison17

I see that I am alone , but my ears tell otherwise.

My mind becomes this blank canvas in which I am the creator and is forced to create this terrifying masterpiece in which my only director is my ears.

My hands violently try to paint onto the canvas of my mind.

Roughly trying to mimic the actions that I cannot see.

My mouth opens to let out a loud, vivid scream which my demons are attracted.

And it has occurred to me that I am dreaming and cannot wake up from this horrifying nightmare that my own hands have created upon my mind.

It was me who created the nightmare, now it has to be me to destroy it, but I can't...

I try to drown my demons as I attempt to wake, but they latch onto me, and it is me who is suddenly drowning.

Please help me, I have already died before...and I do not want to die again.

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