Love: The Denial, Desire, and Death
Love: The Denial, Desire, and Death stories

allison17I believe all writers are somewhat mad.
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"...Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that."
~Martin Luther King Jr.

Love: The Denial, Desire, and Death

The Past: Denial Love is but a chemical reaction. A mind trick. A drug that some don't get high from.

The Past: Denial #2 There is no Love. Love is sacrificial and without a moment of hesitation. When I look out into the world all I see are pauses of something that could have been forever.

The Present: Desire Love is everywhere, filling every man and woman who accepts it. But True Love is rare, a book with a missing page.

The Present: Desire #2 I wish for the angry and evil to find the happiness in all creations. They will never truly live without seeing what beauty the universe is.

The Future: Death Love is so beautiful, and even more beautiful when it follows you into the after life.

The Future: Death #2 We cannot live without love. At least not fully. No one really knows what happens after death, but we shouldn't worry. As long as you have hope you'll be just fine.

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