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allison17 I believe all writers are somewhat mad.
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by allison17

Many times I have written about happiness, and love.

And my words are almost always from experience..

But I feel like I haven't said enough on everyone's enemy...

Depression. Which for me happens more often than happiness.

Depression is not just drowning when everyone else is breathing...

It's just not bleeding when everyone else is healing.

It's the silence of it.

The oh so bitter silence that you listen intently for a sound...any sound except for your breaking heart.

And while you listen, the demons that have held you down drag you further into their darkness.

No tears stain your cheeks while you stare your friend in the eye and whisper "I'm fine."

You scream with all your might at your friend to help you, but no sound escapes your lips.

Your last peace of happiness falls apart like leaves falling from the frozen trees.

You are certain everyone hates you, and you begin to hate yourself.

You may be broken beyond repair, tired and in pain, but remember this...

"Darkness exist to make light truly count." ~Sleeping At Last

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