High School...the truth
High School...the truth stories
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allison17 I believe all writers are somewhat mad.
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Extra dramtics included...

High School...the truth

They say it will be the best time of your life...

New friends...

Amazing opportunities...

And maturing into the wonderful young adult you always dreamed to be.

"Well that sums up High School" they said

But the truth is ...

That's bullsh*t!

The moment I stepped into the crowed hallways of hell I knew that my friends were only temporary.

I knew if I wanted a scholarship I would have to become a star athlete...

And maturing into young adults...more like still having to pretend to be someone your're not.

Now that sums up the High School life.

And for you people who tell the lies that High School is a magical place where dreams come true...

F*ck you.

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