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allison17 I believe all writers are somewhat mad.
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by allison17

Everything starts with a dream, a glimpse into the future of yourself, and what you could possibly be.

Dreams are infinite, and when they seem lost and forgotten, they are not.

They are hiding in the back of your brain, waiting for that day when you finally bring it into the sunlight.

Dreams are limitless, truly there is nothing you can't dream of and not become.

All of our best heroes had and have a dream; a goal.

The lightbulb that is our minds suddenly flickers on to reveal its blinding beauty that not even the stars could compete with.

It shines through your pores and empties out all around you.

And when everyone else begins to see you shine, you'll know it all started in your mind.

Now I ask, close your eyes, sleep, dream... because when you wake the universe will be in the palm of your hand.

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