Breathe Under Water
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allison17I believe all writers are somewhat mad.
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Breathe Under Water

by allison17

I'm drowning yet I'm still breathing.

The water fills my lungs, and I try to spit it out, but it stays inside.

I suffocate without pain, and I slowly die, but yet my heart doesn't.

Water closes in on every side, and I yell out for help for someone to hear, but my screams for help are ignored.

All the other people laugh at the small waterfalls that fall from my crystal eyes.

The water fills me up to my heart, and slowly to my head.

Now the water is too much for me to handle, and it begins to drain out of my eyes; getting heavier and heavier.

Water drains into my ears and clogs up my brain, making me gasp for air.

Air does not reach my lungs, and I continue to suffocate; yet my heart still beats.

Now I stand above water looking down at it. Fear but happiness slams into me, and I slowly sink to the bottom.

The water is now released from me, and I am free of pain, and finally air leaves me, and my heart loses its rhythm of life.

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