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allison17I believe all writers are somewhat mad.
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Women are made from honey and poison.

Beautiful Chaos

by allison17

From the lips of the sweetest rose.

To the fires that lure me into a dreamless slumber.

I was plucked very precisely from the garden of goddesses.

And placed on this reckless Earth.

But I am not here to pleasure and carry humanity.

No, I am a guide for the women. The flowers in a damaged world.

I am the chaos

The most beautiful kind there is.

I was made from honey and poison. Sweeter, deadlier than the hell you dream of.

I was given more than just beauty from the goddesses.

I was given control; so my anger, my lust, my fear are hiding behind a diamond wall.

I was given fire; so I may scorn those who bring hell to the innocent.

I am steel; impenetrable, unbreakable.

I am the wavoring peace of the universe.

My daughtors, my sisters. I breathed life into you, and you arose like birds in the sky.

You are the honey, the poison, the peace and fire, the steel.

You are the Beautiful Chaos.

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