The Mountains
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allisha24 Community member
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Just wanted to show people my passion. Which is hiking. It is so gorgeous and peaceful in the wilderness. Every step reminds me life. Of how hard life gets, it's worth it in the end. Never give up.

The Mountains

I am surrounded by white caps of surreality,

The tall pine trees swaying in wind

The only noises coming from my own breath and pure nature that surrounds me.

It is the birds in the distance, a ruffle of the bushes from some tiny creature living somewhere beyond.

It is the river in the distance, that creates the ambient noice i so long to hear.

It is the climb that shows us life is hard at times,

But if you keep going you will see the beauty of life is worth every second of the pain.

The beauty of life is all around

It is more than you could ever imagine.

It is like a mother seeing her child for the first time.

It is Beauty.

It is love.

And above all...

It is Life!

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