Don't Cut the Trees

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#Nature's Fury

Don't Cut the Trees

In our village there has always been urban legends. There was one however that diffed from the others. The elders would tell the story of our tribe and what had happened to them.

I once thought it was nothing but a silly legend, that was until one dark night in late winter.

That winter we had gained a new family to our little village and to make them feel more welcomed we invited them to our annual bonfire.

There we would share stories and celebrate the year we had and the year that would come.

At the end of the night was when the urban legends would be told, the last was our own. It started off with rustling in the woods, then sounds of screams.

Then Angeni, an elder of our tribe and the only person alive who saw what happened to the original tribe, came out with a mask created from dead tree bark.

She sat down and began to tell her story.

"It was on a dark night, one kinda like this when it happened.

The tribe had just used it's last piece of wood and the fire was starting to go dim so the chief Adahy sent young Ashkii to go cut some down.

So Ashkii and a group of young men went out to the forest and got the wood that they needed. it wasn't until the tribe heard the screams of their fallen kin that they started to worry.

They had little time to worry however as dark shadows in the form of trees started to run out of the woods and strike all that was in it's path.

I hid as they came running, a few minutes letter i heard nothing, no screams, and the tree creatures had left.

When I stepped out I was the only one left besides Ashkii who had just came out of the woods scratches all over his body blood covering him."

Angeni started to cry when she finished the story.

it was then that the new family grumbled saying that the story was nothing but a foolish urban legend and that they would go out and chop a tree down and nothing would happen,

and that's what they did.

They went out chopped a tree down and came back into the village square and a few minutes latter morbid tree being came out, cut them down and left but not before looking at me,

a look that would stay with me for the rest of my life.

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