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Meet Mila:

She's 20 years old, hot headed, sarcastic, sometimes sweet and a beauty. She doesn't take shit from anyone. She likes to be free and doesn't like anyone controlling her. An incident in her life caused her to hate men. She doesn't trust anyone easily.

Meet Leone:

He's 24 years old, tall, handsome, hot and a lil bit arrogant. He belongs to one of the most famous K-pop idol band, 'Royals'. He likes to be in control. He always gets what he wants. He is really mysterious, I guess that's why all the girls always end up falling head over heals for him.

Let's see what happens when they cross path with each other. Will they accept each others flaws? Will they get along? Let's find out!!

The enchanting beauty


"Mila, wake up!" my mother's voice rang into my ears.

"Let me sleep!" I yelled back in an annoyed tone. I turned around in my bed and covered my face with the blanket.

Just when I was about to go back in my lalala land, a hand shook my shoulder voilently.

"Mila, if you don't get up now then you'll be late for your flight." My mother informed me.

"What flight?" I asked in confusion.

Then suddenly, it hit me. Sh*t I was supposed to get on a plane to South Korea with Alice.

If you guys are wondering who is Alice, then let me explain it to you guys. Alice is my best friend, always has been since childhood. She stayed with me when everyone left me.

We have gone through a lot over the years together. At present, my mom and Alice are the only persons that mean the world to me. I wouldn't know what to do without them.

I remember one time, there was a guy that Alice had a serious crush on.

She saved up her lunch money for a whole month just to give him a toy sports car as a token of her 'love' as she liked to call it and do you know what he did?

He rejected her and confessed to me on the same day. Well, let's just say that he ended up in the hospital with a broken leg, the very next day.

And to explain the South Korea flight, well, Alice has a serious obsession with K-pop idols, recently. They are all that she talks about all day long, much to my annoyance.

I think her famous K-pop bands are the EXO and BTS. I'm not sure if I named them correctly. So, this summer she decided to go to South Korea.

And me, being her best friend has to tag along with her.

Not to be offensive in any way but i really don't know anything about Korea or those K-pop idols. I was too busy worrying about my future to pay attention to boy bands or any boys at that.

So, here we are with me getting ready for the flight.

"Good, at last you remembered." I just rolled my eyes at my mom and hurried into the bathroom to change into some comfy clothes.

I stripped off my clothes and took a shower, hurriedly. When I was done, I dried my body with a towel and changed into white crop top and light washed denim.

Then I dried my hair with a hair dryer and let them fall freely. I placed lip balm on my lips and applied a little bit of eyeliner.

When I was satisfied with my appearance, I went into the kitchen, where my mom was cooking me a nice breakfast.

"There's no need for you to prepare breakfast for me, I'll eat something in the plane." I told her while giving her a hug from behind.

"No, no way! Eat something right now or else you can't leave this house." She said in a threatening tone.

"Mom!" I huffed irritatingly.

"Don't 'mom' me young lady, now come on, have some pancakes." She placed some panncakes in a plate for me nad handed that plate to me.

I groaned but grabbed that plate from her hand. I hurriedly took a bite and stood up from the chair.

"Ok I'm done!" I said in a happy tone. Before she could nag me more, I placed a kiss on her cheeks and ran towards the door.

"Mila, wait!" my mom's voice made me stop in my steps.

"What now!" I yelled back.

"You forgot your phone." I turned back, grabbed the phone from her hand while giving her an innocent smile.

She just shook her head at me,"Be safe and don't forget to eat properly."

"Mom! I'm not a kid. Alright, now can I go?" I raised my eyebrows at her in question. She just motioned me with her hand to go.

I came out of my house and breathed slowly. When my mind was clear, I started walking towards the main road so that I could catch a taxi to take me to the airport. Just then, my phone rang.

I saw Alice's name flashing on my phone screen. I answered the phone and placed the it close to my ears.

"MILA ANNA WOODS! WHERE ARE YOU?" I cringed lightly and took the phone away from my ears. After making sure that she was done yelling at me, I placed the mobile back to my ears.

"Sorry, I woke up late. Don't worry I'll be there in 15 minutes." I assured her.

"You better!" I could hear the warning in her voive.

"Alright, no need to be this scary."

"Oh, you think this is me being scary. HA! Just you wait."

"Okay, damn, calm down. Anyway I'll be there in 15 minutes so just hold in you anger till then. Now I gotta go. Bye!" I hung up quickly and heaved a sigh of relief.

Soon, I was sitting inside the taxi and was making my way to the airport.

"Can you please hurry up?" I asked the driver nicely. He nodded at me and increased the taxi's speed.

In no time, I was standing in front of my best friend, with an apologetic expression on my face.

"I'm sorry." I said in a low tone while looking at my shoes.

I heard a sigh from beside me,"Who can remain angry at you when you start acting like a cute baby."

My lips curved upwards at that. "Sorry, once again."

"Alright, now enough of this drama already, now hurry up and get that cute little *ss moving! I can't wait to see Leone oppa, Jimin oppa and Suho oppa." she started fangirling.

"Oppa? what does that even mean?" I furrowed my eyebrows and looked at her cluelessly.

"Even if I tell you, you wouln't understaand. So, move your cute little butt and let's go." Alice grabbed my hand and together we boarded the plane.

It's going to be a long vacation.


Since it's the start of the story so I'll update another part so enjoy!!!!


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