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allforasmile writer/avid reader/mother/poet
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if a dog was to go to a barber...

Barber Shop

if my dog to the barber went,

i wonder how it would go,

would he , compliant, jump on the swivel chair,

or bark down the shop,like a foe.

if in for a long wait,

i hope he won't be sorely grim,

patience on occasion he does show,

and is always in need of a trim.

when in the queue, would he instinctively,

give the neighbor's shoe a chew

cause he rather loves to do that,

especially if the shoe is new.

or would he give a forlorn chap,

a look filled with love,

symbiotic in their need ,

would he roll over for a tummy rub.

finally when it was his turn,

how would he explain;

a teeny whine or tail turned down,

to show he was fearful of pain.

eager to please, the barber, i wish

ruffles up his hair,

calming him down lovingly,

as he adjusts the giant chair.

how dapper , the mutt would look,

groomed and smartly coiffed,

he is brought up well, so i am sure,

his thanks would be politely voiced.

as i dream of such a morn,

to my face it brings a smile,

but i think, the day,when dogs to the barber go,

Won't be here for a while.

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