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What has happened to the world of today?

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Wake Up World!

There used to be a bumper sticker that read "If you are not appalled, you haven't been paying attention." I'd first seen this on a car bumper as a kid, not understanding what it meant.

It really bugged me. Up until high school, during what we were told was an attack on the World Trade Center.

The previous years in middle school, I'd already seen how cruel people can be, especially those whom I had considered "friends" at the time,

and noticed the formation of a teenage social hierarchy. I'd thought it was something fueled by unawareness and immaturity, existing only within the hallways of public school.

I was wrong though, it exists everywhere--especially in our current world. And I believe the unawareness and immaturity of the majority has gotten worse.

Today, that bumper sticker still doesn't make sense. Simply because I don't understand how people cannot see, or pay attention to, everything that is occurring around us.

I'm not just appalled, not even surprised. How can anyone pay attention when they're balls-deep in their phones, getting their news and information from greedy corporatists?

The world is literally insane.



And batshit crazy. Yes, this includes me.

And once you realize this, life gets easier to deal with.

Don't pretend like you have no idea what I'm talking about.

"But what about our advances in technology?"

--Great. So, we no longer physically connect with people. If we are so advanced, why are IQ test scores lower than they've ever been?

"But here you are using social media with your stupid blogs nobody reads... ?"

--Yes, it's the only way to get something across to people nowadays since everyone is balls-deep in their phone.

You see the insanity everyday. You do. And you think, "Geez, is the world that crazy?" Or, "God, is everyone stupid now?"

You're seeing the truth, but then you deny it, turning it around onto yourself: "No, it must be me."

That's the Big Mistake. It's not you; the world is crazy. Stupid. Insane.

Even an army of psychiatrists couldn't help fix the problem. Mainly because most of the time, they're in need of help from their own professions.

This is why a bird born in a cage thinks flying is an illness. If one was born in a mental institution, he/she would perceive all the madness going on inside as "normal" behavior.

But "normal" is just a word meaning, "What I have always thought and known.

" So if another person came into the mental institute and said what went on inside was crazy, the inmates would fire back with, "Bullshit, Walter. You're the one who's crazy!"

In this scenario, the inmates would be correct, in my opinion. Look at our world and the way we live.

We have bankers lending us money that doesn't exist and charging interest on it.

We have doctors supposedly healing the sick when the biggest killer in the United States is the treatment;

We respond to cancer by killing the patient with chemotherapy and radiation which destroys the immune system and opens the door to even more cancer and much else.

We have vaccines allegedly boosting the immune system when they are actually destroying it;

We have scientists telling us how everything works when they don't have a clue about the true nature of reality and thus no clue about how everything works.

We have teachers telling children and young people whatever an insane and ignorant system dictates no matter how flawed and fraudulent it may be;

We have men wearing blankets with rope telling their congregations that all they need to know is between the covers of a single book--the Bible, Koran, Talmud, whatever.

And even crazier than that, we have billions believing them.

We have guys with man-buns.

We have political parties competing for office when behind the scenes, all are controlled by the same force--which is why the same agenda unfolds no matter who is officially in government.

We eat and drink chemical poisons in our food and water and most people appear to think that this is perfectly okay.

Also, we have genetically-modified food that is genetically-modifying us and yet most people never even consider the possibility or the implications.

I mean, genetically-modified food?? C'mon!

We have a media with no idea what is going on in the world telling us what is going on in the world;

We have our freedoms constantly deleted to protect our freedoms; and we have civilians pepper-bombed from the sky to protect them from violence.

How could anyone contend to these obvious occurrences that are happening everyday in front of us, if not to us??

We merely exist in this world, believing to be "living," with our eyes closed, completely unaware--or sometimes don't even care--of the atrocities happening all around us.

This is the gateway to see how far the rabbit hole goes, to see what lies at the end of the rainbow, and believe me, it's not anything like you think.

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