The Millennial Mistake


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Don’t get married. What once was true love does not and cannot exist in today’s world. Having kids is the most selfish thing you could do today.

The Millennial Mistake

Vanished without word

Without warning

You third decade friends

No longer seen

The old me is dead

Same goes for you

No time to catch up

Always on the move

Families and careers

Take up your time

More karmic burdens

Glad they're not mine

High school sweethearts

Don't ever listen

Letting your inexperience

Suppress the voice within

Another dumb Millennial

Makes the same mistake

Adding another tally

To up the divorce rate

"Love" promised in haste

Til death do you part

At the age of twenty?

Never a good start

A family before thirty?

Giving it one last squeeze

But your child's idea of love

Seen as an infectious disease

You'll get over the loss

And find a new life

But as for your kids

Discordance becomes rife

Resenting each spoonful lie

Of love til the end

Just another selfish motion

Of calling it quits

Never staying together

For the children

You'll see these mistakes

And say never again

Though I can't say the same

For your own children

For your foolish millennial ways

Have passed onto them.

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