the Vile and Unseen Rape of Mankind
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The raw, sexual nature of the Xenomorph parasitic alien can actually be found on Earth. and

the Vile and Unseen Rape of Mankind

Thanks to director Ridley Scott, H. P. Lovecraft, and artist H. R. Giger, we have the most accurate...

and disturbing dramatization of what can, or possibly has already happened—and continues to this day— of what first contact with an extra-terrestrial species would be like (not with inter-dimensional beings or crypto terrestrials).

For extraterrestrials, the widely accepted conceptions of alien life of our dualistic world, of course, come from both positive and negative viewpoints.

Traits making up the latter are far too great and contain too few similarities to discuss. However, those of a more positive human perspective usually involve two key traits:

The first is a high-level of some kind with exceedingly advanced technology that has both allowed their race to travel great distances and has freed them from the need for aggression toward other species.

The second key trait is an expanded mental capacity, or enlightenment, through which an achievement has been gained in cooperation with other races.

One doesn't have to do any research—or even leave their couch—to notice these traits for themselves either.

Hollywood, the self-appointed god of Southern California—and America, in their deluded heads, soaked to death in misogyny and pedophilia—showcases this in various Blockbuster films.

The first key trait we can find in the Steven Spielberg movies, E.T. the Extraterrestrial and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Whereas, the second trait can be seen in any episode of Star Trek,

where there's peaceful inter-species interaction and/or psychic abilities present (preferably those of The Next Generation).

Enlightened aliens are an inherently optimistic reflection of humanity. We see our best qualities predicted to be embedded in ourselves, following us into the far future.

This is literally the best humanity can hope for; however, if humans somehow luck-out and find themselves living this slim possibility, no soul should trust it.

It would be better to think of it as nothing more than a mere pipe dream, rather than a hopeful possibility.

What's needed is an acceptance of one's own death, which would undoubtedly make life better lived.

As well as, rather than looking up at the stars, we look at our own earthly species— particularly within the vast number of insects, with their seemingly unreal ways of survival.

With this in consideration, it's far more likely for us to stumble across something very different from what we've seen in family-oriented movies made by Steven Spielberg, and very similar to something that is already existing here on Earth.

In the hidden face of documented evidence claiming discoveries of intelligent life beyond the security of Earth, I believe, the further humans venture from home,

the greater the chances of stumbling across one or two extraterrestrial beings that don't fly around in shiny crafts of out-of-this-world technology.

Odds are they will be filthy, primal monstrosities which breed and survive through similar ways found within Earth's microscopic viruses and a particular Australian parasitoid.

For these "not-so-alien" parasites, survival is contingent on the biological takeover of a host. A takeover involving the exploitation and death of the host species.

But imagine one of these microscopic or wasp-sized nightmares grown to the size of a human adult--or perhaps, much larger.

The fact is, these creatures could already be here on earth, eradicating our species in secret, while hiding in the best place for their hidden evolution.

Remaining invisible, in order to take over the world without anyone ever noticing.

With the threat of human curiosity and the urge for exploration, the safest place for a parasite to hide and evolve can only be within the body of a human.

In deep contrast to the optimistic conceptions, these beings would likely penetrate our bodies in the most vile display of human violation, through a raw, bestial form of rape in the matter of conception.

This gruesome showcase of violence is seen everyday on Earth, but what makes this more terrifying to the average American citizen, derives from its sheer familiarity.

Familiar, yet afraid to be made public, with the western notion and fears of humanity's most basic function—sex.

This is a creature that doesn't come from the stars, but is dredged up from the filthy and most basic truths of human existence; a look backwards at our own primordial selves.

I find this to be far more terrifying than any pale-skinned, moon-faced Gumby, believed to be out there.

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