Seriously... wtf?!
Seriously... wtf?! statistics stories

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If you are not completely appalled, you haven’t been paying attention.

Seriously... wtf?!

There are nearly 8 billion people living in the world today.

Each year, around 16 million people die of cardiovascular disease;

1.6 million people die from diarrhea--this could be from a variety of reasons, but nonetheless attributed to this condition;

1.2 million people die in automobile accidents;

and about 800,000 people die from suicide.

Yet, due to this modern day epidemic, which hasn't even reached the number of deaths attributed to something we live with everyday—the common flu—

...a few people have decided to shut down the economy for the 100,000 deaths supposedly accredited to it.

If we were really concerned about death rates, we would eliminate the automobile—just as quickly as the controllers took action in this modern instance.

The fact that such action, such as a worldwide lockdown causing an economic crash, would be taken for such a ridiculous statistic should tell you that something greater must be going on.

Open your doors and go out to protest this shit!

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