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Steps to take to protect yourself and loved ones from the dangers of the weaponized 5G and staying aware.

Protect Yourself

The dangers of 5G are not a hoax. CNN has even reported how it is a military weapon. Microwaves have been used in the past as a means of controlling the masses.

These waves are being amped up tremendously with the release of 5G.

How to protect yourself and loved ones from the invisible killer taking shape:

Do not sleep with your smart phone in the room.

Unplug your microwave and computers when not in use. Just throw the damn microwave out.

Tourmaline is raw, natural crystal that will protect you from radiation from cell phones and WiFi routers, high and low EMF frequencies, psychic attacks,

and will ease anxiety and build self-confidence. Buy one and always keep it on you. Do not buy any EMF blockers from BioShield.

Do your own research on it and inform your friends and loved ones.

Do not get vaccinated.

Do not get vaccinated.

Do not be afraid. Be strong and protect yourself and loved ones.

Do not be a subservient robot that listens to authority figures. Question everything.

Do not get vaccinated. If you do, stay away from microwaves and any "smart" devices.

Be familiar with signs of radiation poisoning--shortness of breath, dry cough, feelings of fullness in chest, flu-like symptoms. Get to a doctor immediately if you show any of these signs.

Google radiation poisoning and look at images. That could happen to you.

Stay aware. Stay alert. Question everything you hear or are told.

Good luck.

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