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Bottle poetry

Hit the Bottle

I once was like a shaken up bottle of diet coke

Not the cola but the one you shoot and smoke

Angry at the world for what others had done to me

Never at fault and void of responsibility

Until a man who's an "expert" in his field

Wrote me a script and told me to get it filled

A bottle full of pills to make the pain go away

"To keep a lid on your emotions, take three a day."

A temporary fix to keep my emotions numb

This white-collar dealer had me right under his thumb

Three turned to four, four turned to more

Until that orange bottle was done

"There's nothing I can do," he snickered

There's a reason why he's only a mere practitioner

Just as the cap on my emotions began to spin

I found a cheaper drug pusher

I found a cheaper drug pusher And this one had Heroin

She showed me the way for a much quicker execution

So on my summer vacation I became a human pincushion

My bottle of emotions leaking from every hole

Except the empty one inside

Except the empty one inside Which took an even bigger toll

What was this empty bottle I was trying to fill?

What was I trying to mask with a script for pills?

What had become too much had only started with a little

All it took was a swig from a bigger bottle

Over four years without a needle or a pill

I hold my life together with the power of my will

One lesson in life,

A tough pill I had to swallow

No matter how hard you hit that bottle

Your problems will still be there tomorrow

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