Guidelines: When Your Writing Outlet Dies


When Your Writing Outlet Dies censorship stories

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Why you can't cut it in the world as an artist—particularly as a writer, in this case.

Guidelines: When Your Writing Outlet Dies

How can you be a platform for self-expression when you set guidelines?

If you're going to be a creative outlet for writers—where people can share their thoughts, feelings, etc.— —setting rules or guidelines that censor whatever someone else deems not "politically-correct,"

or "hate speech," or what-have-you, takes the art, creativity, and self-expression out of it.

If it's due to writers complaining about the comments they receive... Well, tough shit.

Not everyone is going to like or agree with what you write. That's life.

It's a good way to prepare them for the harsh reality of the industry.

We can't be pampering and safeguarding everything for people who can't handle a little criticism. They won't ever learn how to grow.

If it's the site/app developers getting tired of complaints... same thing: tough shit.

Don't run a site for writers.

Don't try to be the authoritative government that censors art.

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