A Time for Decision
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These are the days of decision. A choice that will determine our future.

A Time for Decision

These are the days of decision

The world is sick of the filth

and is ready for revision

But since we manifested the doors of our prison

We each are given a choice

To ignore our faults or learn the lesson

Choose to rise into the higher dimensions

Turning away from that we call "Christian"

And step into true spiritual ascension

Religion is nothing more than mere invention

Meant to control and limit our intuition

With distorted tales of our Creation

If not, we will indeed face annihilation

not like you would think

But along the lines of mental absolution

A future where a middle class would no longer function

Only a class of wealth and privilege

Served by one obedient nation

Subservient, politically-correct drones with no real education

It's the hidden agenda of a new order

With the mask of globalization

Look up from your phones at our current situation

It's our time of retribution

A call to arms for a new revolution.

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