A Horrific Reality
A Horrific Reality  hollywood stories

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The extremity of evil within our world that exists within every neighborhood.

A Horrific Reality

Either with or without love

Plagued with worry and fear

Or sold through trauma,

Or sold through trauma, The buyer never clear

Those without choice

Those without choice Tend to hide their voice

Though there's always one who will testify

Of traditions unseen to the public eye

Celebrating death at birth

Celebrating death at birth The personified display of hell on earth

Once innocence has emerged

Once innocence has emerged Violent desires are purged

A reflection of those in denial

Makes the mother smile

Seeing another virgin added to the pile

Beneath the stillborn machine

Beneath the stillborn machine that collects each piercing scream

From stolen souls of Lolita

From stolen souls of Lolita Others seem more lucky

From stolen souls of Lolita Others seem more lucky To suffer from amnesia

Never really knowing

Never really knowing Who had ordered the pizza

A reminder of how fragile we are

A reminder of how fragile we are And of the violence that’s never far

(*for those not aware of the child/human trafficking and ritual sacrifice that runs rampant everywhere in the world.)

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