A Dusty Box
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allejinion Drafting my thoughts
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Tried to get lost, I've been lost instead
Till I don't know what wall I'm staring now

A Dusty Box

Tried to get lost I've been lost instead Till I don't know what wall I'm staring now Only the crowds are passing by Touches landed on the skins of the one they are bound to

Haven't written for years Even forget did I ever? Since no more ear is willing to listen shits of mine No thought feels my complains make sense and necessary Let the thing's back The seconds when brain talks to heart of my own

Multi-universes, relativity, and big bang conspiracies are not enough to distract the reality That my life is nothing No place where I want to be safe No dream I'm pursuing No smile feels relieved I'm tricking myself

Does it how being lost feel like An emptiness brings the tears to drop Watching friends dancing on their own balconies from a dusty box in the corner of the street I may step out the box but I couldn't move my legs inside that tiny space

Probably I have been lost since I knew that I could argue Questions rising is the sign Of what kind of soul my mind belongs The deeper the questions, the darker space I'm lost into

I'm lost, still Don't want to pretend that I'm not But growing old in this dusty box Couldn't even share this tiny space Is a bleak prophecy to dream tonight

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