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I feed from the mouth of reality nursing my pain

I breathe the wind of truth

and My wings hardly catch the ghastly winds;

I have thrown my apple and deny all existence

in faith and realisms;

i am the viceroy of tainted morality;

each day, however longer than the last, is still too short

and it will never be enough;

the pathetic blade meant to silence me

only awakens My heart;

I see the ripples in the fabric of my own imagination;

the sovereignity I sowed is crumbling,

but even then I knew it to be fantasy and fictitious

for dreaming was only meant for nights;

I am a fool.

I bathe in the blood of the now ghosts of My trials

whom haunt, torment Me

and will do so forevermore until I join them in a realm so unfathomable yet hyper real to me--


it is and always will be;

I long for her

yet she dangles too far from the reach of My weakened and scarred hands;

she teases me and flaunts her every curve

and it is a bitter taunt;

this world i was placed in was never meant to be perfect

and nor have I

and never will my soul accept this;

My one being demands perfection

which I can hardly claim so


why must everything I seek be impossible

and it is in this lack of triumph in the emotional theater

which I lust so greatly for

that I lose myself

and find myself dreaming a dream of misery

l identify as the hopeless,

coming to terms with my defects

I pray that I am smitten for my crimes

and elevated from this scene

if she would only ever come closer

that clever girl

and grab my hands.

and I am a


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