Your daily dose of sarcasm (Ep.4)
Your daily dose of sarcasm (Ep.4) satire stories

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Some more sarcasm

Your daily dose of sarcasm (Ep.4)

If you're a Discord or Internet user, which you probably are or else you can't read this, you probably experienced quite the outage today.

It was quite short, but any Discord server owner worth their salt probably saw a ton of bots go offline and the rest of the bots being a lot slower.

The problem was that Cloudflare, a major Internet provider, had some parts of its network go down, and since it takes up around 40% of the Internet, it caused some big problems.

If you search up what Cloudflare is and go to news, you'll see a ton of coverage about it,

because if you also check the news for the day you'll also find that there's a lot more generic news again. We're really running out of stuff to report.

But since there's dirt of everyone everywhere, we can always find something on someone. Which is why we are bringing the spotlight to a popular comedy icon, Ellen DeGeneres.

What's happened these past few weeks is that DeGeneres's crew has led their own employees to feel incredibly uncomfortable and minority employees even reported racism.

Sounds about right from the person who tells everyone to "be kind", right?

Well, the truth is that it's more of a "her crew" thing, but the truth is she should've done a lot more to protect her own employees.

It is good that people have finally started speaking out, because however much we don't want to admit it, some of what appears to be the brightest people aren't always that nice.

And wait, there's more.

Apparently when corona started to really kill and infect the Ellen show had to be hosted remotely, and from what the news outlets have reported,

she actually hired other non-union freelancers to help make those videos, and paid her own staff at reduced-hour wages.

This just keeps getting better and better.

It's like in the days of the Nazis, which may be extreme but is still has the same point.

The more propaganda you spread, the more people trust you, until they stop caring about the truth.

Imagine if I was a celebrity who made this post. I'd get cited by every single American news channel on the planet, and they'd talk about how I compared Ellen to Nazis.

And even if Ellen was not at fault, who knows how much of them would care then.

Be reminded that humans are the worst. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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