Your daily dose of sarcasm (Ep.3)
Your daily dose of sarcasm (Ep.3)  not really satire stories

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That took a serious turn today.

Your daily dose of sarcasm (Ep.3)

It's weird how back in the old days it felt like people told a lot less lies than general. You hear warm stories of people helping each other a lot more from even less than a century ago.

Nowadays, it takes news reporters to search worldwide and nationwide to find some stories that warms your heart just as much.

Let's be honest: we're a lot less nicer than we were before.

I think both you and I have to admit to at least having told one lie before. Our parents always tell us not to lie, but in real life, you lie all the time.

When people ask you how you are doing, most of you probably just say "I'm good," when we often aren't.

Un-outlined "social rules" basically tell us all to give that reply and to ask that question to be polite,

and as we do it more and more we basically stop thinking and give the same answers every time.

If I have depression, am I going to tell someone who asks me how I am all about it?

And speaking of being polite, being polite is where some of our biggest lies come from.

If I'm playing basketball with a starter and he tries to make a three out of nowhere and misses, often times we pat them on the back and tell them it was a nice try when honestly,

we want to curse them off.

When we were kids and adults were lecturing, we stand there and pretend to listen and then tell them that we understood,

when we're really thinking about how to beat the next level in that video game you've been playing for months.

I honestly feel that 80% percent of volunteers back in school were really just doing it for the hours and to get into honors instead of actually wanting to help.

I'm the type that initially volunteers for the hours, but then, depending on mood, genuinely wants to help or wants to get back into bed.

It's really a toxic system in which society lies.

I once saw in this YouTube thumbnail a message that kind of went like this (Video was "Savage quotes from comic villains" or something): "You spend money to get into college,

you go to college to get a good job, and you get a good job for money. Who the hell invented this system?!"

It's legitimately sad how some kid who works their head off gets into the same place as some kid who has rich parents and shipped him off to private schools his whole life.

Capitalism lies everywhere, no matter what type of economy a government has.

In a capitalist country of course everything is capitalist,

and in a communist/ monarchal country you need money to bribe officials or to just get into that social class of elites that can help you when you need it.

When we were kids, adults didn't want kids to talk about politics, or sugercoated things to make it easier for us.

But the truth is there, and nothing on this earth is capable of keeping it from leaking out.

The truth is there, and the truth hurts.

I've had to move numerous times, and I've read news reports about rich people one too many. Many of you may be privileged and have seen not much outside of your own neighborhoods, but I have.

And it's not pretty.

I do apologize for a much shorter episode today, partly because there's not much more for me to say with the above line, and partly because I'm running out of time.

Reminder that me having a lot of time is partly fiction also.

Be reminded that humans are the worst, which is not a lie, and have a wonderful day.

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