The story of Valorant: PT. I
The story of Valorant: PT. I  contains foul language stories
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alkali_kel1ie A human with an overactive imagination.
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A fanfic written from currently released easter eggs and snippets of cinematics that relate to lore. This is not an official publication and all trademarked names, symbols, and brands are property of their respective owners.

The story of Valorant: PT. I


Goddamn it.

When they said this was going to be an easy score, what comes to mind isn't dashing around in tight alleys and jumping onto roofs to plant a bomb, while not getting killed.

Not that I have a problem with it. I do it daily.

Aaaaaaaand my usual enemies aren't fire-wielding duelists. The fire adds some challenge.

I throw a few daggers. He's quick enough to dodge most of them, but the last one hits in the shoulder. Not enough to kill, but it would buy me a few seconds.

On the field, a few seconds is all you need.

I leap up and dash straight over a canal ahead. He throws some sort of fireball, and it lands right in front of me. A quick jump over another rooftop makes it obsolete.

But I miscalculated, and the jump was too high. He shot me down just before I could dash again. It didn't hurt too much, but I dropped my bag in the process.

Oh shit.

The bag was only a few meters before me, but before I could grab it, a wall of flame flew before me and knocked me back.

How the hell was I supposed to get it now? I needed to get it, and I needed to get it quick.

I had a single pistol and myself.

A pistol can't destroy fire. Unless...

I didn't like these odds. My wind powers have grown, to the point where I often can't control them anymore.

No other choice.

"Wind, show me where to go." I dashed straight into the fire.

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