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We got problems as society


I got something to confess, and I ain't proud of it

I've been bullied before, and I've been a bully

We kill more of ourselves than anything else

Yeah we're making our own society hell

That's right, the Industrial Revolution

wasn't such a great evolution

We produce a lot of pollution

yet nobody gives a notion

We cut down trees and plants

then we cause severe erosion

We spend more money fixing things

then if we left them alone to grow

And you do realize animals

also have a heart

We crowd them into feed pens

until we kill them to make lard

Mad cow disease?

Yeah that's 'cause cows were eating cow corpses

Sometimes the way we do stuff is outright horrendous

There's a massive garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean

But we're too busy at work or school to do help our future generations

I know, I keep talking about action

but what can we really do?

It's not a bad question

but one that requires thinking too

There are tons of ways to help you might have not even knew

Don't use plastic bottles

or if you're still using them, recycle for deposit

Drive less and walk more

You don't want to look like fat Thor

The possibilities are endless

many steps that you can take

We need a collective effort

if we want to save tomorrow and today

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