Once upon a rill
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A love story (? Idk not really)

Once upon a rill

Once upon a rill, a young boy named Yoshiro sat on its banks every so often.

Almost right by the village of the rural town that he lived in, yet undisturbed amongst all the distractions outside, it quickly became his sanctuary.

It was divine for the young lad, and he soon spent more and more time there.

It was quite one of the simple pleasures of life, and it stayed that way for years.

One day, upon the same portion of the rill's bank that Yoshiro preferred and rested on the most, a young girl sat.

But Yoshiro was quite a kind lad, and let her sit in that spot, meters away, in solemn silence.

It was not long before the matches of conversation were struck, yet whilst the lad was always open to the young lady, she stayed back, as if there was some secret others must not know.

As if in a flash the teenage years came, and as many may know, tempers do flare during that time.

Yoshiro demanded the girl to tell him who she was and where she was from, yet she always shook her head and murmured,

"For as long as these rivers flow, any passion may remain untold.

For as long as on this earth, rice grows, any passion may not unfold."

Yoshiro never knew what it meant, and the girl never offered to explain.

But a teenaged boy's curiosity cannot be hindered, and so one day he snuck into the woods after feinting his departure, and waited silently to see what the girl would do next.

He waited and waited until the moon shone, and then he saw.

Seven tails and six wings grew from the back of the girl, and she bathed herself in a heavenly light when they appeared.

Yoshiro desperately wanted to jump out of the bushes then, but he held himself back, a fear from never having seen such an angelic spirit before.

A few years passed, and Yoshiro tried to provoke the girl time and time again to reveal her identity, yet to no avail.

She repeated the same rhyme, every time, until Yoshiro himself gave up, and simply tried to make conversation however possible.

He never found any feelings for others, and was only attracted by the mystery behind this girl and her stunning, secret appearance.

And around May of one year, when the rain was bound to lather the fields with its moisture, it was near bone dry.

No one in the village knew what happened, and could only pray for a better season next year, consuming some of its surplus.

Yet it continued, and slowly but surely, the village was starving. Trade was attempted, but neighboring villages had the same problem.

Yoshiro had more time to visit the rill that he loved, but it, too, was drying up. The girl looked more saddened with each day, and even simple greetings were strained.

Then one day, the girl never came back. The only things left of her was a portrait of herself and a piece of paper, with the same rhyme written on it.

"For as long as these rivers flow, any passion may remain untold.

For as long as on this earth, rice grows, any passion may not unfold."

The next year the rain had rebounded, and the villagers were no longer starving. But the emptiness inside Yoshiro could not be filled, no matter how much more food he was able to consume.

It felt like he had lost a good friend with the girl's disappearance.

Then one year, a girl who looked similar to the angel he met approached him, and a friendship was started. Unlike that mysterious girl, this one was quite the extrovert and laughed a lot.

But nothing could ever replace the hole in his heart, and despite eventually marrying, having several children, and living a long life, he died, unhappy and downhearted,

still pondering who the angel was.

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