A Moment in the Courtyard
A Moment in the Courtyard romance stories

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Ah, yes. Our heroine has found herself thinking about him again.

A Moment in the Courtyard

Her blue dress dances as she twirls. Like a delicate pond lily being swayed bu the rhythmic patterns of a wooden canoe. Her heels click against the courtyard path.

It is like her private call to the moon. To sound out her private sufferings caused because of this feeling. She was marking her place to the world. She pictured a suitor walking past.

Offering a hand for a dance. Because in this distorted reality, everyone wanted to dance with the prettiest girl in the world. But she had her heart set on one man. They had just become friends.

None the less, she found herself swooning over his curly brown hair and charming personality. She was caught in the moment. Savoring this good feeling before it would all change forever.

And let's leave it at that. Because nothing would ever be the same.

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